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TES-IS Construction Engineering Company, as an upmost dynamic and progressive company since the established year 1995, has participated within the construction sector and has expertised especially on industrial buildings construction and evaluation and strengthening of existing buildings.

With the works in Turkey and abroad conducted under the framework of quality guarantee system, TES-İŞ had the right to obtain ISO 9001 quality document in 2005. TES-İŞ conducts all the works with the consciousness of their importance on humans and the environment and under the light of engineering science.



In accordance with its distinctive vision, TES-İŞ follows the most recent techniques and researches and makes use of these in its works in order to keep being one of the best companies within the sector.


The important characteristics that differentiate TES-İŞ from the rival companies are: following closely all recent technological progresses; in line with this, applying advanced world standards (BS, ACI, FEMA. EUROCODE, etc.)


TES-İŞ functions with the mission of creating the company culture integrated with advanced management models in construction sector and of increasing the value of the company by realizing fast and economical solutions with its technical staff who work in an environment where the most recent scientific researches are evaluated and applied.


Our working process consists of a number of interdependent tasks and activities to achieve the best results in our structures and services. This result should create value for our customers and should be considered useful by them.


An effective construction process is only possible with a well-designed project. In line with the requirements of the customer and the requirements of the structure, all the Architecture and Engineering disciplines work on common labor for a design which is in accordance with the regulations. In this way, the problems that may be encountered during the construction phases and the service process of the building are determined in advance and the necessary solutions are produced. This enables a fast, high quality and more economical project to the customer.


The projects that are prepared by all disciplines are sent to the authorized institutions for the purpose of obtaining Construction Permits. Presentation, controls and revisions of the project are carried out in this process.


The effective use of the construction site is very important for the healthy progress of the project. Optimization of site layout is prepared by the most experienced site staff. According to the needs of the project can be installed quickly, convenient and healthy temporary construction site buildings and equipment warehouses and equipment installation is made.


It is one of the most important things that we give the most detailed and comprehensible description of TES-İŞ principles and safety to our staff. The quality and safety of the project can only be sustained through these trainings.


At the end of construction, the necessary conditions for the use of the structure, the preparation of revised As-built projects, the commissioning of the building and obtaining the Construction Certificate are carried out in the delivery process.


TES-İŞ is not only in the project and construction phases but also in the service period of the building. In accordance with the demands of the customer, revision of the structure, exposure of the structure to the over loads other than the design loads, maintenance and control of the mechanical and electrical installations are carried out by TES-İŞ.