Our Projects


An effective construction process is possible with a well-designed project. In line with the requirements of the customer and the requirements of the structure, all the Architecture and Engineering disciplines work on common labor in accordance with the regulations. In this way, the problems that may be encountered during the construction phases and the service process of the building are determined in advance and the necessary solutions are produced. This gives the customer a fast, high quality and more economical project.

  • Feasibility Study

  • Design Study

  • Preparing Project

  • Preliminary Project

  • Detailed Application Project

  • Erection Design

Feasibility Study

  • Determining the functionality of the project

  • Preparation of BoQ, Project Schedule and determination of flow of finance

  • Preparation of technical specifications of materials and workmanship


  • Alternative projects to the business owner for the projects to be prepared

  • Conversion of the preliminary project to an application project

  • Static and dynamic analysis and preparation of detailed projects

  • Modelling the behaviour of the structures under service or dynamic loads in a software

  • Receiving official approvals of projects

  • Preparation of final status project (as-built)


Prepare a 3rd-dimensional model in design phase, draw all kind of design by using computer programs after analysis of the structure in accordance with design criterions. Plans, details of column, shear walls and beams, corbels, machinery foundations or supports moreover truck loading docks, traffic areas and annexes for industrial buildings. One or multi-storey buildings, industrial buildings (factories, depots etc.), silos, pools, reservoirs, retaining walls (temporary or permanent) towers, sport facilities, stadiums, channels and short span bridges designs can be performed by our Design Group.

Preferring the appropriate material and optimization of preliminary design is decreased the construction cost, significantly. For this reason, the preliminary design is very important in the steel structural design. Steel roofs, one or multi-storey steel framed buildings mezzanines, industrial buildings, platforms, towers, bridges stadiums and lean-to-roof projects can be designed by our Design Group. For all these type of structures detailed drawings, welded and bolted connections are designed.

Preparing the model close to real on the computer, installation of material information, calculation and drawings of churches, mosques, khans, bridges and some structures built with stone or bricks.