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The most reliable hail protection system, HAIL NET systems, are implemented by TES-İŞ under the engineering principles of agriculture and industry.

After the construction of the long-term investment, the implementation of the Hail Net, the material supply and construction as well as the post-construction services are also important. 25 years of experience, specializing in this subject Australia Pty NetPro has a  license agreement with TES-IS, taking the design and material procurement support to carry  out projects in Turkey, Europe and Middle East.

It is required that Hail Net systems must be resistant to wind loads, earthquake effects and changing ground conditions as much as UV resistance. For this reason, the design of full network systems and their static calculations according to the current regulations require expertise in this field. All Hail Net Systems that established by TES-İŞ are designed by expert engineers and their static calculations are made and approved by accredited organizations.

Vehicle Stock Areas

Especially in the automotive and logistics sectors, Hail Net Systems which eliminates the hail fall damage also provides shade and protection against bird droppings. Hail Net Systems are designed to be compatible with parking and traffic patterns in vehicle stock areas, a suspension carrier consisting of steel columns and steel ropes are used. Ground anchors can be used depending on the structure of the ground and tension stabilization can be achieved by using reinforced concrete piles.

Agriculture Areas

The Hail Net Systems for orchards are designed according to the product and the location of the garden. For the hail net systems we design for the gardens, the aim is not only to protect the product from the hail but also to improve the quality of the product and to enable it to be packed more quickly.

In this area, we are increasing the quality of your products by using a network of colors and types recommended and supplied by NetPro, the market leader. By determining the correct shade ratio, it is possible to minimize water / sun damage in the products. It should not be forgotten that keeping many products under the full network of water vapor makes a great contribution to product quality and production economy.


In Turkey, annual precipitation of 501 m³ billion and 274 billion cubic returns to the atmosphere through the evaporation thereof. In other words, 54.7% of total annual rainfall can not be utilized in any way. On the other hand, if we think that global climate change will make this picture more dramatic, the importance of evaporation reduction studies will be better understood.

Anti-evaporation special nets, in contrast to other methods, prevent very high levels of evaporation and also do not affect the ecological balance in the region. It also allows water surface to be used in case of need.

Cattle Farms

With the Innovative Shadow System, your animals can be easily protected from the sun. The Innovative Canopy System has been developed with a special product range, which is often used in animal farms, which protects animals from sunlight. The solar protection materials used in the system are also used in aquaculture and vermiculture industries.

In the design of the innovative shade system, the tension steel ropes that operate in the opposite direction and form an overhead grid pattern are used. This allows the shade to be installed in almost infinitely variable combinations.

Extraction and Retraction

Since the hail net systems does not carry extreme amount of snow load, it is extracted before the full season starts in the regions where heavy snowfall occurs and it is retracted again at the end of the season. The extraction and retraction operations can be carried out by the customer or by taking the service of the expert staff of TES-İŞ.

Automated Systems that will provide great convenience for businesses will be implemented very soon. Automated Systems are designed to apply to past projects.

Post-Installation Services

  • Controls of rope tension with dynamometer.
  • Repairing  the damage (if there is any) to the net due to harsh weather conditions.
  • Provision of materials required if the customer chooses to have his / her own team for the extraction and retraction operations.
  • Controls of Internal columns and external columns in the system.