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Quality, Trust, Innovation and Sustainability

Quality; we offer the guarantee of keeping the quality at the forefront in design and construction without any priority in self earnings.

Confidence; with all the projects and engineering experience we have completed, we offer our customers an unmistakable confidence.

Innovation; we offer innovations that our colleagues cannot dare or dream of, which have more advantages than their counterparts in the industry, and which remove the project from mediocrity.

Sustainability; we offer the sustainability and success in every project with acquired experience just like the nature of life.


TES-İŞ carries out construction applications with high quality and engineering science. In this way, TES-İŞ has all kinds of information, infrastructure and equipment to implement the following types of structures.



An effective construction process is possible with a well-designed project. In line with the requirements of the customer and the requirements of the structure, all the Architecture and Engineering disciplines work on common labor in accordance with the regulations. In this way, the problems that may be encountered during the construction phases and the service process of the building are determined in advance and the necessary solutions are produced. This gives the customer a fast, high quality and more economical project.



The most reliable hail protection system, HAIL NET systems, are implemented by TES-İŞ under the engineering principles of agriculture and industry.
 After the construction of the long-term investment, the implementation of the Hail Net, the material supply and construction as well as the post-construction services are also important. 25 years of experience, specializing in this subject Australia Pty NetPro has a  license agreement with TES-IS, taking the design and material procurement support to carry  out projects in Turkey, Europe and Middle East.



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